How to use Custom Database?

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Sep 10, 2023, 1:32:49 AM9/10/23
to Keycloak User
According to the official doc, that keycloak supports natively five databases, but I am not sure if it also supports custom databases through the jdbc driver.

There is a so-called DM database ( that I want to use, I downloaded the docker image and corresponding jdbc driver, but when I try to start the keycloak by `docker compose -f docker-compose.local-DM.yml up`, I got the error message saying:

keycloak-heroku-keycloak-1  | ERROR: Failed to run 'build' command.
keycloak-heroku-keycloak-1  | ERROR: No value present
keycloak-heroku-keycloak-1  | For more details run the same command passing the '--verbose' option. Also you can use '--help' to see the details about the usage of the particular command.

The docker compose file and Dockerfile are as attached.

Is it possible to make it run from the DM database? How should I fix the issues? What does the No value present error message mean?

Or is it not possible so I should give up?

Thanks in advance for any comments!
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