Importing new FederationMetadata.xml

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Thomas Pauli

May 17, 2022, 4:05:40 AMMay 17
to Keycloak User
Hello everyone,

This is probably a rookie question, but I failed to find an answer to this, so I'm sorry if this was asked a million times before:

I'm running a dockerized key cloak using the image
I've set up an ADFS Server as Identity Provider and communicate with this server via SAML. While this setup works well, there is a new FederationMetadata.xml and a new certificate (as adfs.pem) on that ADFS server. As far as I understand, I can simply add the new certificate under Validating X509 Certificates, I can't find the option to import new metadata. When I add a new Identity Provider, I can find the option to import Metadata right below Requested AuthnContext Constraints, but not in the settings of an already configured Identity Provider.

Am I right that can simply copy the content of adfs.pem to Validating X509 Certificates and is there a way to import the new FederationMetadata.xml, or do I have to set up the Identity Provider from scratch?

Best wishes,
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