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Sandy Raphael

Jan 14, 2022, 4:13:47 PM1/14/22
Like some others, I found myself running into an issue on keybr where I was progressing to the next letter in the queue while still having serious deficiencies with previous letters, so I began looking for a way to practice only certain letter sets. I’ve come up with a solution, and while it’s not perfect, it works. (One note up front, is that if you are already past the letters you’d like to work on, you’ll have to reset your progress for this method to work.)

Step 1 - Progress to the letter set you would like to work on, and stop there.

2 - Open the settings menu. Notice at the bottom there is an example word list for this letter set. Scroll the “Add words to lesson” bar all the way to the right to make this list as long as possible. Copy this word list. Paste it into a text document. (Note: you can refresh the list by scrolling and un-scrolling the “Add words to lesson” bar.)

3 - Repeat five or six times.

4 - You will have formatting issues with this list. Use your text program to replace all Non-Breaking Spaces with normal Spaces. (This is easy to do, just google if you’re not sure how.)

Voilà. You have a custom Keybr wordlist that can be pasted into the “provide custom text” section of the site, using only the letters you want. And you can practice at that level all you want without moving on. The one small issue is that the custom lesson only gives you the words you pasted in order, as opposed to being random, but that’s it.

Hope this helps!


May 23, 2022, 8:21:08 AM5/23/22
Yes a way to stop progress would make a ton of difference

I have an extra keybr account just so I could reset and practice keys all over again

The method you suggest is good but a hassle as well this feature should be included in the website itself.
That would reduce friction and we could practice more in the saved time.

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