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Brandon Jackson

Dec 9, 2013, 10:17:51 AM12/9/13
to kettle-developers
My question is about 5.0.1 dependency resolution. Please correct me if I have gone wrong.

I wanted to follow patches to 5.0.1 and found that the kettle-jdbc dependency that was being requested was version "5.0.1" and that there was no build for that.  After checking the artifact repository I found 5.0.0 kettle-jdbc in there and updated my local copy of ivy.xml for the dependency line to request rev="5.0.0" at which point the build succeeded.  

Is this fine or have I worked around something that could prove harmful as I move forward?

My intent is to follow a set of code that includes back ported fixes, but does not necessarily stay up to date with trunk.  



Matt Casters

Dec 9, 2013, 10:24:09 AM12/9/13
to Kettle Developers mailing list
The kettle-jdbc jar caused too much confusion as it's a relic of an earlier time. Simply put: you don't need it now and you didn't need it in the past.  So we removed the code from Kettle.

As far as the ivy dependencies are concerned... we did remove them in master, perhaps they need to be removed in your patch branch as well?
(Please don't answer me, the question is rhetoric,  as I'm not up-to-date nor do I have access to anything maven/artifact repository related)

All the best,

Matt Casters <mcas...@pentaho.org>
Chief Data Integration, Kettle founder, Author of Pentaho Kettle Solutions (Wiley)
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2013/12/9 Brandon Jackson <usbr...@gmail.com>

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