So why are London based NRI's so keen to become Rajya Sabha Members of BJP - from Jharkhand ?

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Mar 22, 2012, 5:02:11 AM3/22/12
to കേരള ഫാര്‍മേഴ്സ്‌
Dear All,
I have been following the saga of a person who was not on any domestic
or international radar till recently - when he became the darling of
the BJP President Nitin Gadkari for reasons which an investigative
journalist would be well advised to pursue and go into in detail,
other than of course as a companion of Shri Modi on his inward
investments jaunts to Middle East.
Indian media has been devoting much attention to his Rajya Sabha
aspirations and his simple business philosophy - we get it DONE - has
found little attention.
I think it represents yet another chapter in how Indian political
parties like BJP, even under the charge of RSS dominated plutocracy
are keen to utilize the options opened up to them by the crony
capitalist setup presided over by Dr Man Mohan Singh in the last two
Dr Man Mohan Singh is of course of the old school of thought in terms
of personal probity, even though he himself has mastererd the art of
political parachuting from an illustrious economic / financial / legal
( And of course the COAL MINING details - once THEY start coming out
from the remote coal mines of Indian forested areas, embossed with the
names of Company Directors of mining companies from the Registrar of
Companies, even Dr Man Mohan Singh will not be able to avoid looking
away ( ... lets look at the future and let bygones be bygones ..
wisdom ) the Naxalites from coming to an arrangement with coal miners
of India. )
Not just a Urinating Wall, India is big Digging Hole as well, apart
from the larget arms importer in the world. Sordid story of Man Mohan
Singh era reforms and liberalization mantra, when it will be told in
The dominance of lawyers from the legal fraternity and financial
advisers from the international pro globalization sectors of wheeler
dealers in both the major Indian political parties should be a cause
of concern.
Maybe India needs to shed all pretense of parliamentary democracy and
instead have a President who appoints his own team of advisers,
lobbyists and international team of door prising and deal makers - for
whom the Republic of India is really is massive urinating wall with
multi colored targets on which to point the piss organ.
That this is coming on the heels of India being declared the official
import capital and seat for all the MOTHER of all Defense import deals
is also no coincidence.

At this point the Indian media seems to be lacking real investigative
journalists who can separate the domestic chaff from the global
posturings of Indian foreign ministry like in the Norway child custody
case. The Indian media still is living on artificial standards of
local sensationalism without its own jet setting investigative
journalists with contacts in the right places and right sectors.
Maybe part of the problem is that ageing bearded journalists veer off
into gastronomic delights and are content with writing food blogs,
ocassional articles on communist Russia, getting orders from the likes
of Nira Radia, gracing obscene annual lifetime achievement awards
functions of media groups, and jet setting to Phuket rather than
dipping themselves in the warm martinis and cocktails of black money
havens and capital movements that a new generation of Indian NRI
wheeler dealers is concocting
I think the Nira Radia case of business lobbying has yet gone
The present lobbying for a Rajya Sabha seat by a London based NRI,
courtesy Nitin Gadkari surely rings alarm bells all around for the
Indian bureaucracy as well, which was used to taking orders from just
domestic masters.
It seems the Indian bureaucrats will have to soon learn to take orders
from London, Arizona and New York. What a laugh that will be.
Even the revered Maharishi Yogi must be squirming in Vlodrop
Netherlands at the spiritual children he spawned on a global level to
usher in the next stage of Man Mohan Singh era economic reforms.
More details :
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