Can Scientists from GEAC Convince A Vegetarian Indian Mother from Orissa ?

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Oct 31, 2009, 7:41:28 AM10/31/09
to കേരള ഫാര്‍മേഴ്സ്‌
Dr Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister
Govt of India
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi,
India-110 011.
Sub: Opposing the approval of Bt Brinjal in India
Dear Sir,
Please accept my Namaskar!
I am Mrs. Jyotirmayee Sarangi from Bhubaneswar,Orissa. I have a child
of seven years. We are a family of three members. My parents stay
Since the past few months I have been reading in the papers about what
is being termed as Genetically Engineered (GE) foods. At first I
thought it was a good thing. If science can feed the world through
innovative techniques there can be nothing better than that. Later
when I read that this would be done by taking genes from bacteria,
animals and even human beings, I began to have my doubts.
Someone in my group sent me a mail about Bt Brinjal that will be
shortly approved it seems. This Bt Brinjal will contain genes of
bacteria. This will make the whole plant poisonous. Insects will eat
the stem and fruits and die. There will be less spraying of
pesticides. This means the fruit will be poisonous from the inside!
What will happen if human beings eat this poisonous fruit?

The mailed article said that Bt Cotton has been engineered similarly.
Thousands of goats, sheep, cows, and buffaloes have eaten its straw
and died very painful deaths.
I am extremely worried. Can I serve such food to my family or should I
stop buying brinjal altogether? What will happen when we have to eat
outside? When I have to visit friends and relatives? Or should I write
to everyone not to purchase and cook brinjal? What about my parents,
will they agree to have such food?

We are strict vegetarians. Will the introduction of genes from
bacteria and other species into our and vegetables still keep them
vegetarian ?
I have also heard my friends expressing the same fear and concern. It
seems other native brinjal varieties as well as tomato and chilli will
be polluted by the poison. Brinjal has many medicinal properties and
we use it as a home remedy, particularly for diabetes type B. Will the
properties remain intact?
Independent Scientists say animal experiments have proven that such
food is extremely dangerous for our health! It is reported that rats
and mice fed this food have had underdeveloped organs and bodies,
bleeding stomach ulcers, damaged liver and kidneys, intestines,
damaged immune system, and also develop tendency to abort dead little
ones, litters dying after birth. The rats and mice also developed
sterility. All this is unbearable to a mother.

The moot question is why are we being experimented upon like this?
Already our bodies are full of toxic pesticides and other poisons that
have entered the food chain. Why add an unpredictable toxin on top of
all such poisons? I being a strict vegetarian cannot even think of
having such food.
I hope now you understand my concerns as a parent and as a family
person. I would like to request you and your Cabinet not to allow this
crop to be cultivated in India. I would like to get your response
within 10 days in spite of your busy schedule. Meantime I will also be
interacting with hundreds of mothers in the school of my child.
Respectfully yours
Jyotirmayee Sarangi

CC: Mrs. Sonia Gandhi
Chairperson – UPA
10 Janpath,
New Delhi
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