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David DR

Aug 30, 2021, 12:51:16 PMAug 30
to KeePassDroid
Hello Everyone,

I am running into an issue that I have been dealing with for years, and suspect that I may have been using Keepass wrong.  I use Dropbox to access my passwords on multiple devices, and every time I make a new entry or change a password, a new file is created and they don't seem to be syncing on any device.  So I am having to reset passwords often because I don't know which file pertains to which device and which device I used last to update passwords.  Might someone be able to tell me what I have done wrong with my setup that prevents all my devices with Dropbox and Keepass from syncing?  I tried to search "conflicted copy", but didn't find a thread. I also searched "dropbox syncing" but solutions proposed are to use the Dropbox .kdb file, but that seems like an extraneous step if I have set up biometrics to easily access Keepass and want to use it in a quick hurry.  I have taught myself to synchronize these files and delete the conflicted copies, but the problem persists with more conflicted copies.  I would like to streamline my interactions better and would like a lesson from more knowledgeable persons.

Thank you, 
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