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Jun 1, 2009, 9:14:59 PM6/1/09
to, Dark Side Rides
I went bike camping this weekend and some of us Kansas Citians are planning a repeat as a group at the end of July. You can see the details from my journey on my site:

Technically it's a Sub-24-Hour Overnight. Kind of like a cross between self-supported bicycle touring and backpacking. Since you only spend one night away from home and two days on the road, you really don't need to worry about as much as doing a multi-day (or multi-week) bicycle tour.

I figure some people from both the bike commuting list and the dark-side-riders would enjoy doing this with me next time. If you're looking for a cheap weekend get-away that involves packing up some stuff on your bike and sleeping outdoors (in a state park, likely with a tent), contact me off-list.  A group of us are discussing riding from the KC suburbs to Hillsdale Lake on July 25th. Currently, 6 potential participants are in and hail from Lenexa, OP, Olathe, and Bonner Springs. We'll likely ride by bicycle from our homes for lunch in southern Olathe and continue out to Hillsdale as a group.

At Hillsdale, people can decide what to do. Bring some trunks and go swimming. pack a compact fishing rod, buy bait at the marina and try fishing. Play frisbee, bike friz, volleyball, go Geocaching, read a book, throw up a hammock or what have you. We'll sleep overnight, make breakfast and head back to our respective homes the same way we went out.

Again, contact me off-list if you want in on the planning and discussion. I am not posting this publicly on my site because this is a somewhat arduous trip for beginners even if it does sound like a ton of fun.  If you're used to rocking a pair of panniers and don't mind riding a few dozen miles per day fully loaded, we'd love to have you come along!


Corinna West

Jun 2, 2009, 9:36:47 PM6/2/09
Hi Commuters,
I am riding from Kansas City to Wichita on June 13. 3 1/2 days out, 2 1/2 days at a conference, then 3 1/2 days back. They will probably all be long days, 80+ miles. Anyone who wants to come with me that has that much endurance is welcome. We will be back on June 21st. I'm not too fast, about 10 - 11 mph with that kind of load. The conference is about mental health, called the Kansas Recovery Conference, which you can google. It's free, includes all meals, and we have free lodging in the WSU dorms for three nights. You can reply to me off list or ask me more questions at
-Corinna West
The one on the Trek in the rain and snow with the pink fluffy thing on my helmet

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