How a Virtual Business Can Help You Increase Customer Loyalty

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Mar 7, 2022, 12:58:04 AMMar 7
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Never in history have customers been more fickle and demanding than in today's economy. Businesses that do not provide outstanding customer service will be long gone. In this new virtual business environment, customer service is your main competitive advantage. Therefore, business success lies more than ever, on retaining your customers. Take advantage of the virtual business strategy to catapult your business profits!  virtual office florida

Technology, especially customer service technology, has evolved by range and advances. Customers are no longer chained to their local store to get outstanding customer service. They are now empowered to take their business wherever they can get the best service. Now that they are freed of distance constrains, thanks to technology, they are free to buy anywhere in the planet...your competition is no longer the shop across the street; but the one in Asia, South America or anywhere on earth where there is outstanding customer service.

Keeping customers is not only smart business practice but a very valuable one as well. This is clearly measured by the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Most business owners only see the cost of a client according to the earliest deal, but do not remember to consider your immediate future obtains of that prospect. So, let's see an example:

Mary gets her slacks cleaned at the cleaners for $8. Most business owners will see this as the only revenue. Fortunately, Mary comes back the following week and gets her dresses and some blouses cleaned for a total of $20. Now, you did not have to spend any money on marketing, advertising or sales to bring Mary back, she simply liked your service and the way you cleaned her clothes. So actually, you generated $28 from Mary. Which means authentic importance of Mary is all the housecleaning she is doing In addition much of the long term cleaning she is going to get executed should you work tirelessly plenty of to retain her commitment...embrace me to this point?

In order to get the lifetime value of your average customers, simply multiply the average sales you made by the average number the customer came back to your business. Here is the simple formula:

Estimated Average Lifetime Value = Average Sale x Estimated Number of Times Customers Bought Again

So you now have in mind the CLV with the potential clients, the next question is...will be the prospects cost-effective? After all, you are in business to make a profit. If your main clients are effective, merely flourish your common high profits for each purchase by your believed availablility of time periods your web visitors get over again, to find out. Here is the simple CLP formula.

Estimated Average Lifetime Profit = Average Profit per Sale x Estimated Number of Times Customers Bought Again

Knowing these numbers will help you decide how a virtual business can increase your customer's lifetime value and therefore your business profits.
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