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கிராம இணைய குழு

Jun 18, 2011, 10:07:58 PM6/18/11
to காசாங்காடு கிராமம்
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2011/6/18 suresh ap <>
Hello Relatives
                 I found a clay pot refrigerator in a website
   I tried this at my home,By taking two pots (our grand mothers use to keep oil and tamarind in old days) one in bigger size another in smaller.Then i inserted the smaller pot into the bigger one keeping two centimeter between them and i filled the gap by some raw dry sand which i got from one of our village borewell.Then i poured water inthe sand and i kept some tomatos inside the smaller pot and i covered the pot mouth by a wet towel.
      This is a simple set up to keep vegetbles like tomatos,brinjal and some other fruits for a long time without wasting electricity.I couldnot able to attach photos of my setup.We people use to keep water in a pot for keeping the water cooler in older days.The same thing is little modified.So everybody can try this at home.
          Why i am wrting this is when i gone to our village i could able to see most of the houses having refrigerator and air conditioners.Please keep in mind that Now may be this generation enjoys all this inventions.But our next generation cannot live in our village due to the polluion(due to the gases coming out of the refrigerators and airconditioners) and heat(Due to global warming).
      Please try to avoid Aircondiotiners and Refrigerators inside our village.In Another mail i will give a detailed report on causes and effects of the A/c and refrigerator usages.Somebody may already know about these things,if you find mistakes in my mail please forgive.........
Thanks and Regards

Kannaiyan Natesan

Jun 19, 2011, 12:53:43 AM6/19/11
Thanks Suresh for the article. It is awesome.
I will request someone to translate into Tamil and we can publish them in our technology website.

Keep writing.


2011/6/18 கிராம இணைய குழு <>
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