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Natacha Wesa

Oct 14, 2021, 7:10:54 AMOct 14
Hello friend,

My name is Natacha Wesa, and I am 29 years old, and I used to live in
New York, USA. I am so sorry for using this medium and this
circumstance to contact you, but I have something very relevant and
tangible to disclose to you. I know that we have never met but God
cannot mislead me on this since He directed me to you, and I want you
know that whatsoever you will read here is 100% true.

My late husband was a boat and yacht dealer and he made a huge amount
of money during the past years. Early 2020 he flew to Italy for a
business deal and on reaching Italy was when the Corona Virus pandemic
was rising, after his business deal and he was about flying back to
USA he was examined and tested positive for Corona Virus. He was put
in an Isolation camp where he died after 2 months.

Now he has a sum of $ 3,750,000.00 deposited in a private and reliable
bank, and due to my situation here in New York, USA then, My husband's
brothers and sisters are doing everything possible to find the
location of this fund which they know that I am the only person who
knows the location of the fund, they have tapped my phone and fax
number for any external communication that will lead to the money, and
if they eventually find the location of the money they will kill me
and my only son, because they are wicked and now I cannot discuss this
on direct phone call except WhatsApp which is more secured for now.

I will send to you the contact of the bank where this money is
deposited so that you will contact them on my behalf, and before then
I will send to the bank a LETTER OF NOMINATION / AUTHORIZATION on your
behalf as my foreign partner. You will contact the bank and they will
transfer this fund to you and you will send to me some reasonable
amount of money to prepare my traveling documents with my son and fly
to your country while we discuss on the modalities of how and where to
invest the money in, and I promise to give you 15% of this money if
you do this for me and my son. I know this might sound like unreal but
I want you to never doubt my proposal and I know that God has plans
for us . I know this might sound like a difficult task but there is
nothing impossible for God to do. I want you to also know that this
transaction is 100% risk free.

Please I await your response as you as you receive this message to
enable me send across to you my bank contact details for you to
contact them immediately before my late husband's family kill me.
Please also keep this transacting confidential and secret from anyone
around you. contact me with my email (natac...@gmail.com).

God bless and keep you safe.

God bless you
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