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Miran Bozicevic

Oct 12, 2018, 2:39:08 PM10/12/18
to kappa-users
Hello all!

I am an anthropologist with background in mathematics and software development, looking to build on the past work on the origins of organization by Fontana & Buss and by Kauffman, to apply it to understanding self-reinforcing networks of social interactions in societies. Currently I am familiarizing myself both with the publications that came out of your lab recently as well as the 1990s work with lambda calculus and AlChemy.

Question: is the code (I assume for AlChemy) that generated string set geometries (jets, lightning balls, mushrooms etc.) that Kauffman reports on in Chapter 10 of Origins of Order still available, and where may I find it? I would like to attempt to replicate them.

Any pointers to more recent relevant work would also be much appreciated.

Thank you!
Miran Božičević

Walter Fontana

Oct 13, 2018, 1:33:25 AM10/13/18
to Miran Bozicevic, kappa-users

I’ll get back to you outside the kappa-users group, since your question is not directly related to Kappa.


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