[WG-UMA] UMA Wallet User Stories

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Alec L

Jul 8, 2020, 11:02:28 PM7/8/20
to wg-uma@kantarainitiative.org WG
Hi, some user stories for discussion

- Alec


As a RO, I want to manage my resources independently of each individual RS (UMA core prop)

As an AS, I want to decouple the consent management UX from the authorization services, 

As a RO, I need a personally controlled user-agent (UMA Wallet) to manage my key material, in order to maintain personal-agency in ecosystems

As a RO, I want to authorize a "UMA Wallet" to manage RS resources, so that I have a single view into my available RS's and Resources

As a RS, I need Alice to authenticate in order to determine which resources she can manage, in order to ensure appropriate management access

As a RS, I need Alice to establish credentials (pub key), so that I can trust externally asserted policy was issued with Alice

AS a RS, I need to trust delegations signed by Alice's key, so that Alice can allow Bob (other keys...) or <<claims gathering condition>> to access her resources 

As a RS, I may delegate resource management user experience, so that I can focus of my core service to the RO

As an RS, I need to know which AS(s) Alice wants to use, in order to delegate access control (uma core)

As an AS, I want to delegate RqP identification to a UMA Wallet, so that 
- a RqP can choose their private key and consent management provider
- I can avoid directly holding or seeing a users personal details

As an AS, I want to allow the user to choose their consent management provider, so that I can 

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