[WG-UMA] Draft minutes of UMA telecon 2022-06-30

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Alec Laws

Jun 30, 2022, 2:01:49 PM6/30/22
to wg-uma@kantarainitiative.org WG

Meeting Minutes

Approve previous meeting minutes

  • Quorum
  • Eve moves to approve, Peter seconds! motion passed


Identiverse Recap

Industry self-reflection

  • is identity a dual use technology? seems to be true of anything, needs to stay mindful always
  • Identity as a surveillance tool
    • Shifting of the surveillance to the wallet


  • aka WebAuthn aka FIDO
  • would this work on linux or open source OS? 


GAIN (global assured identity network)


  • general audience struggles with: correlation handles, claims pushing
  • the added value needs to overcomes the pain of change 
  • options make specs hard to understand (and test!)
  • can we show simple uma flows, uma cookbook?
    • eg just auth code flow (no claims pushing), just claims pushing (no auth code) as profiles
    • or profiles that remove optionality of path names, make interop testing easier
    • good designs for resource registration against FHIR (or open banking/FPX)

Shared Signals & Events


  • getting a lot of traction
  • should we try to create an UMA knowledge base articles? YES 


Home Page Refresh

Draft New Home Page

Charter Refresh

Draft Charter 2022

draft completed, will socialize on the list for feedback


  • US is working on federal privacy legislation! A rights/responsibilities framework without requirements

Potential Future Work Items / Meeting Topics

  • Confluence clean up, archive old items and promote the latest & greatest
  • Review of the email-poc correlated authorization specification
  • A financial use-case report (following the Julie healthcare template)
    • either open banking or pensions dashboard
    • openbanking is to FHIR(data model) as FAPI is to SMARTonFHIR(authZ protocol profile)
  • mDL + UMA
  • UMA + GNAP https://oauth.xyz/specs/ 
    • would we have an UMA GNAP version (eg extension of GNAP or UMA? UMAonGNAP) 
    • will GNAP meet all the UMA outcomes?
  • IDPro knowledge base articles
  • UMA 2 playground/sandbox

Upcoming Conferences

  • IIW 35,  November 15 - 17
  • Gartner and Federal ID coming up soon
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