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Данила :Золотопупов:

Jul 3, 2020, 10:08:44 AM7/3/20
to KanjiVG
Hello there!

Firstly i'd like to thank you for the work you've done. It's incredible that such usefull datasets are available over CC license, you are making this cruel world better!
I am going to create a simple web service for learning kanji and i have a pair of questions i'll be happy to get answers for. Also i have to mention that i don't know japanese language and i may understand some concepts wrong.

1)I tried to parse all svg files to find unique kvg:type values and i found a pair of weird values:
- empty @  07f9a.svg
<g id="kvg:07f9a-g4" kvg:position="bottom">
            <g id="kvg:07f9a-g5" kvg:element="">
                <path id="kvg:07f9a-s9" kvg:type="" d="M64.5,43.5c3.97,1.9,10.26,7.8,11.25,10.75"/>
Seems like the value is just missing.

-"6" @  05076-Kaisho.svg
<g id="kvg:05076-Kaisho-g5" kvg:element="">
            <path id="kvg:05076-Kaisho-s7" kvg:type="" d="M37.38,55.34c1.49,0.69,2.46,2.58,2.66,3.81C41.5,68,43.04,88.74,43.88,95.5"/>
            <path id="kvg:05076-Kaisho-s8" kvg:type="" d="M39.99,58.23c7.39-0.96,49.22-4.97,50.67-5.31c3.11-0.72,5.17,1.76,5.06,3.88c-0.27,5.13-3.61,27.11-5.92,33.67c-2.3,6.52-3.17,5-5.92-0.06"/>
            <g id="kvg:05076-Kaisho-g6" kvg:element="" kvg:part="2" kvg:variant="true">
                <path id="kvg:05076-Kaisho-s9" kvg:type="" d="M64.02,19.23c0.55,0.88,1.4,1.75,1.4,3.3c-0.01,6.8,0.23,49.21,0.23,51.3"/>
            <path id="kvg:05076-Kaisho-s10" kvg:type="" d="M51.54,77.45c1.45,1.21,3.07,1.88,4.36,1.45c3.63-1.21,17.53-6.28,25.13-8.45"/>
            <path id="kvg:05076-Kaisho-s11" kvg:type="" d="M76.45,64.48c2.92,2.63,7.54,10.8,8.27,14.89"/>
The file seems a little bit weir to me, you might want to check it manually.

2)It's important for me to know more about stroke types because i don't know what does kvg:type="㇑a/㇔" mean (file 08a3b.svg). I think that your project's users may appreciate if you describe this in format section of your website.
For me, i can't understand what do 'a','va','b','c','v' means and why is there '/' in some of that values.

I am not a native speaker so i am very sorry for possible mistakes or being not enogh polite =)

Ulrich Apel

Jul 5, 2020, 2:13:22 AM7/5/20

thanks a lot for your comments on the project.

There is data for variations of characters and stroke order. The main data is is based on schoolbook fonts, which is a variation of the calligraphic kaisho style 楷書. When characters in schoolbook style deviate from traditional kaisho, there might be an extra version for kaisho. There are probably also different versions for different stroke orders.

Unicode has a group of code points for stroke types: . These types should be used for KanjiVG, too. Information at and might be of interest, too.

There may be variations of stroke types, since the Unicode block didn't cover all stroke types necessary. I also started the project before this Unicode block was finalised and the characters a, va, b, c etc. preserve the older self designed stroke types.

Then, In some cases stroke types change, if characters are used as a component in other characters, like the third stroke of 土偏 on the left side. This should be reflected by the versions with "/".

You are right, that this should be better documented. There are plans to integrate stroke order in the dictionary website I hope that I will be able to write something in this context.

Best wishes

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