Error when validating an SVG from the KanjiVG library

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Haroon H

May 6, 2017, 4:34:50 AM5/6/17
to KanjiVG

I have tried putting one of the SVG files from the Kanji VG library through an online validator and get the following errors for each of the id tags in the file:


Attribute value "kvg:0f9ad-g3" of type ID must be an NCName when namespaces are enabled.

Location in file:

<g id="kvg:0f9ad-g3" kvg:element="人" kvg:position="top">

I believe it may be due to the semicolon in the id tag as the XML standard for ID does not allow for colons. I wanted to put this past the developers to see of there is something I might be overlooking here.


May 7, 2017, 2:18:40 AM5/7/17
to KanjiVG

Thanks for the report.
I actually noticed this a while ago, but cba to do something about it.
That thread is about some grand ideas about how the KanjiVG data could be re-organized, but nobody has done anything about this in two years. So, yeah, that colon violates some XML rule, but as the files work in basically all programs, the pressure to fix this is extremely low.

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