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Ben Bullock

Jun 11, 2024, 7:01:51 PMJun 11
to KanjiVG
A user on github has suggested changing the format of all the image files:

He gives some justification on that thread which is a bit difficult to plough through, but seems to make sense.

Since this would involve changing the format of all the files, I wouldn't like to do it unilaterally, so please speak up if you have an opinion.

pascal Baillehache

Jun 16, 2024, 5:19:46 AMJun 16
to KanjiVG
I'm a user of the KanjiVG database and was concerned the suggested change would impact me.
I've taken time to read the issue #451 but it was difficult to me to make sense of all the verbiage of verdy-p.
I've used the example of edit that verdy-p provided ( to check how it would impact my project.
I'm using the Python modules svgpathtools and xml.etree.ElementTree to manipulate data from KanjiVG, and couldn't find any problem in using that edited file in my particular case.
I see the broken images in Wikimedia, generally think it is best to do the necessary changes to update to newest versions, and agree that it must be made carefully as it could impact negatively many users.
I would vote for the update of the files, with a tag in the repo to access easily the last version of the database using svg v1.0 for those who need it.
Best regards,
Pascal Baillehache

Dominic Schuhmacher

Jun 16, 2024, 8:11:05 AMJun 16
to KanjiVG
Another user of kanjiVG here, and very much a non-expert on svg standards and recommendations. I did find quite a bit of evidence though that omitting the DTDs in the files and binding the namespace (using xmlns:kvg="") is at least recommended practice (independent of the svg version it seems), see e.g. (which however seems to assume svg v1.1 and says the binding of the namespace is mandatory).

So I would say there are two options here:

1. Only doing minimal changes: definitely binding the namespace, probably also omitting the DTD (if people here are fine with it)
2. Going to SVG 1.1 and also changing the ":" in the id attributes to "-" as suggested by verdy-p

It seems 1 already fixes a lot of problems, such as the broken images on Wikimedia, and should only really effect users who explicitly make use of the in-file DTDs.
Personally, I would also be fine with Option 2. The changes to my code, if any, would be minimal. But I can well imagine that this is more problematic and would be all in favor then for the solution proposed by Pascal Baillehache (have a tag/release for the last version in the old format).

Best, Dominic

Ben Bullock

Jun 16, 2024, 6:19:45 PMJun 16
I'm not prepared to spend any more time working on this, so people who are interested in changing the SVG header format will need to contribute it themselves as a pull request.

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