September Update (Because August is Gone Baby Gone)

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K. A. Laity

Sep 14, 2019, 12:50:54 PM9/14/19
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Hello folks,

It's always a challenge to make the transition back to the States after my months in Scotland (and elsewhere as it happened). And I'm not just alluding to the political madness, especially as it seems to going off the rails in both places at present. The semester is up and running, with the additional pressure of an entirely new class that isn't completely done yet. I am an inveterate tinkerer with courses, and this is a course in Digital Publishing which has the potential for kicking off the possibility of a certificate program -- just a pipe dream at present, but who can say?

I'm finally writing because I will be on the road again and I feared that not getting a newsletter out now might mean losing momentum altogether. It will be a busy autumn! Where in the world is Carmen San Diego this time? I'm off to Verona -- well, outside Verona at the lovely Albergo Ristorante Leso, which isn't just a restaurant but a hotel. I'll be joining a bunch of other writers and doing my best to get some concentrated writing done. Doubtless there will be a bunch of photos from there soon.

When I get back there's the Occult Humanities Conference: art and magic, a great combination. In November there's a symposium on the Fall in Limerick (!) and the NEPCA conference in New Hampshire. I'm just enjoying myself at the first one; talking about art & Mark E. Smith at the second one and revisiting Dorothy B. Hughes for the third. I also somewhat impulsively put in an abstract for the Kate Bush conference in Edinburgh -- first of its kind!

I'm supposed to be learning to cut back on things. As you can see, I'm not doing particularly well at that. I am not going to Kalamazoo or Leeds for the big medieval conferences next year. I am trying to cut back on things. I will probably always do PCA. I am going to the World Congress of Scottish Literature but not the ICMRSLL (admittedly because the former is in Prague and the latter in Tuscaloosa).

Prague! Alchemy central. It's research...


I can resist everything except temptation. ~ Oscar Wilde

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