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K. A. Laity

May 8, 2014, 5:36:25 AM5/8/14
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Hi folks —

People say that social media has become too crowded with information; the solution? Back to newsletters! Everything old is new again, eh?

Just a quick notice to say things what are out:

White Rabbit

White Rabbit

by K.A.Laity

Cover art by S.L.Johnson

 Buy Amazon UK (paperback or ebook)

Buy Amazon US (paperback or ebook)

Sometimes the shadows that haunt us 
           are what lead us back to the light
Disgraced former police detective James Draygo has sunk as low as his habit allows, working as a fake psychic despite his very real talents. When a media mogul’s trashy trophy wife gets gunned down at his tapping table he has to decide whether he can straighten up long enough to save his own skin. He may not have a choice with Essex’s loudest ghost bawling in his ear about cults, conspiracies and cut-rate drugs. Oblivion sounds better all the time…

Best Selling Crime Writer, Richard & Judy Summer Read Winner James Oswald on White Rabbit:

‘Being a fan of mashing up genres myself, I was of course delighted to see someone else playing fast and loose with things. The central idea of the story – a real psychic pretending to be a fake – is delicious, too. The mystery was deftly played with just the right balance of action and character interplay to keep me turning the pages. The seedy side of London is nicely worked as well – not too threatening, as befits the style of book, but still gritty enough. The cast of supporting characters are nicely drawn, too. Kate writes with a fluid, easy to read style.’

Read an excerpt.

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extricate ebook 72ppiExtricate

by Graham Wynd

Love hurts…but that’s the way she likes it.


EXTRICATE is a violent tale of sexual obsession, unfolding on the dark streets of a nowhere town. Peter falls for Judy the instant he lights her cigarette, but she’s his best mate’s girl — and he’s already married. He decides to begin removing obstacles — starting with his wife. How far will he be willing to go? How far does lifelong friendship go when he finally meets the woman of his peculiar dreams?

‘EXTRICATE is a twisty- turny noir tale of dishonor amongst thieves that is skewered with hot lust and cold blooded murder.’

Paul D. Brazill, author of Guns Of Brixton and Gumshoe

‘Crime meets erotica in a fevered novella. Graham Wynd has written a fluid and tight story with vivid characters in situations that are inextricably charged with a sexuality from which you will find it hard to extricate yourself.’

Richard Godwin, author of One Lost SummerApostle Rising and Mr Glamour

Coming soon — the print version with a second novella and a collection of short stories:

Extricate Throw the Bones Dual Cover

Buy it at Amazon!

Coming very soon — the print version with both novellas and a dozen short stories. 
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