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Aki Salmi

Mar 8, 2012, 1:04:25 PM3/8/12
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Olen kuullut Kabinetin olevan varsin hyvä väline työnhaussa.

Ohessa on tuollainen avoin hakemus, jonka tuossa iltana eräänä saatoin kirjoittaa. Tarkemmat tiedot (ml. CV ja suosittelijoiden yhteystiedot) saa pyydettäessä.
Jos ken vinkkaa minusta, niin mennään ihmeessä kahville - tiedätte kyllä minne. Ja jos ette, niin täällä on hyvä vinkki: http://turkuagileday.fi/

Aki Salmi
050 341 5620


My experience in agile development on being a developer and on being a Scrum Master should be of great interest for your company!

As my strength I see not only the hard knowledge, e.g. on how to live TDD, but also the experience on how to work as a bridge builder between the development team and the business. That is, if you want a developer living to produce maintainable and scalable code, I could be the man you are looking for. And if you are looking for a person with so positive mindset that it will smoothen the toughest of the rides, I am definitely the person you are looking for.

Living in the world of agile since late 2006, I've experienced a lot. I've seen how hard it is to start. And how hard it is to mold agile in to fit to more traditional, sequential processes. And I've seen successes and high performing teams that produce not only quality software, but produces it fast. While laughing.
And to best of my luck, I've been a core enabler of such a team while working as Scrum Master at Lindorff

I do believe that bringing me to a team I can bring new insights, whether team being new to agile or like in Lindorff a team that has been 'doing agile' for some time. I can help to build positive atmosphere where we all enjoy to work. I've been lucky enough to be able to help a bunch of people to learn to become a high performing team. And I know I can do it again.

I'm not mentioning any more tools, languages, fancy words I've been using. As I don't see those providing any more value. What is valuable is my attitude. And my network of professionals around the world - thanks to all the work for Turku Agile Day.

I do, though, have to people to recommend my expertise
< tässä on kolme nimeä, joiden yhteystiedot ja suhteet minuun saa jos pyytää >

For what it's worth, I am a hiking guide of Suomen Latu - meaning I have experience on leading teams on environment where earning trust makes a difference. I have also started studies to become a supervisor ('työnohjaaja ja työyhteisön kehittäjä' in Finnish). Which is fun.

With all that in mind, I would appreciate an opportunity to show you how I could be helping you to produce more customer delight.

Aki Salmi
050 341 5620


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