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Jesse Thorstad

Jun 29, 2020, 10:11:20 AM6/29/20
to, Google Apps K12 Technical Forum
IIRC, Meet is now separated from Hangouts Chat. If we need to do distance learning in the fall, I'd like to be able to use Meet, allowing teachers to create sessions and invite students via Classroom.

We'd tested this in the spring, but Hangouts Chat had to be on, and students discovered that in about 20 minutes and the chats began in earnest. We turned it back off and went back to Zoom.

Am I correct in thinking this may no longer be an issue?

Does anyone have a good guide for setting Meet up in this way that is aimed at schools wanting to limit what students can do? The link Google provided a few weeks ago isn't specific to schools.

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Ryan Collins

Jun 30, 2020, 7:54:31 AM6/30/20
to Google Apps K12 Technical Forum
What's wrong with the students using Chat? I turned on the setting where they can't delete history, and we let the students know that anything said in Chat will follow them.

That being said, I don't think Chat has to be on for Google Meet, they are separate in the Google Admin now.

Scott Dixon

Aug 28, 2020, 12:22:59 PM8/28/20
to Google Apps K12 Technical Forum
We are having a number of staff reporting issues with Google Meets with kids.  Our typical class size is only 15-20 kids in remote learning.

The issue comes up when staff are using one of the Grid View extensions and trying to show a Youtube video from their device to the students.

If we bop them over the the Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser with no extensions it runs clean as can be.  Now I am not sure if they are broadcasting the Youtube video - but if so it is only doing so to a small number of students with no Grid View.

We have run extended pings and logged them and ping times are perfect to the internet with little to no variation so we don't think it is a traffic issue.

Does anyone have any learned wisdom they can share on this?  We are strongly trying to discourage Grid view but getting a lot of kickback on that.

Thank you,

Network Support Specialist

Woodridge School District #68

Mike Pullen

Aug 28, 2020, 12:28:44 PM8/28/20
to Scott Dixon, Google Apps K12 Technical Forum
Are same symptoms evident if Grid View extensions are removed and native Google Meet's native "Tiled View" is used instead?

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Jim Flanagan

Aug 28, 2020, 12:44:57 PM8/28/20
to Mike Pullen, Scott Dixon, Google Apps K12 Technical Forum
I agree with Mike. This has been also discussed on tech geeks with the feeling that this problem is processor related and that the Grid View extension is very processor intensive with many tests in districts showing devices running at 100% of resource use.

These Tips came from
Abe Koshy in East Maine SD in Illinois

Video Meeting Performance Tips

We’re aware that many students are experiencing lagging, drops, and general slow performance when they use video conferencing applications for synchronous (“live”) learning during the school day. 

This is because some Chromebook models are using nearly 100 percent of the device's processing power when connected to these applications. It’s a new issue - one that many school districts across the country are facing as they use devices with a similar processor.

Please know that D63 is working to improve and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Among other things, we’ve submitted high priority help tickets to our Chromebook vendors and Google and we’ll share results when there is anything significant to report.

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions to improve your student’s video streaming experience:

  • Minimize use of Grid or Tile viewthese views are extremely processor intensive. 
  • Close other tabs or applications while on video.
  • Turn off the application’s camera when not actively participating (we’ve seen marked improvement when students take this step).
  • Plug the Chromebook into a power source (don’t rely on battery) when using video conferencing wherever possible.

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