Showing Math Problems for Remote Learners

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Bob Nitko

Nov 16, 2020, 10:06:42 PM11/16/20
to Google Apps K12 Technical Forum

My biggest challenge in this remote environment has been supporting Math teachers. As the students get older the more teachers want students to show their work. Especially when you get into those long algebraic problems.

What I've tried so far. 
1. Wacom Tablets- Only had a few but not enough for all the students
2. Touch screen chromebooks/stylus- again have some but not enough to go around
3. Write the problem on paper, take a picture with your chromebook, submit to Google classroom (result: blurry photos, camera is not that good)
4. PDF document- students mark it up the best they can with Kami
5. Equatio/IXL math/those kinds of apps

I'm open to new ideas to try.

Google Certified Educator

Jaime Kikpole

Nov 17, 2020, 8:32:02 AM11/17/20
to Bob Nitko, Google Apps K12 Technical Forum
The way I see it, you have three separate but related challenges:  input hardware, software, and training.  For software, perhaps the easiest part, I'd suggest Google Drawings and/or Jamboard if you want something free.  For commercial software, I'd suggest PearDeck and/or a mix of Kami and Google Classroom.  For hardware, what we have here is a minimum standard for our chromebooks to include touchscreens.  I know that doesn't help you right now, but I thought it might be worth mentioning for future purchases.

Since you mentioned that the upper grades use more written input and most HS students have their own mobile phones, you might want to consider showing teachers the Google Drive app's built in "scanning" feature.  On iOS, it is just a photo taking feature.  On Android, it can take the phone and "stretch" it back into a rectangular shape like most "scanning" apps do.  By focusing on this specific app instead of just the general idea of a scanning app, you can get a consistent training experience, write documentation that others can follow, be covered under the same privacy policy you're already using anyway, easily show how to save the "scans" to the student's Google Drive and then add them to Google Classroom, etc.

Jaime Kikpole

Director of Technology & Innovations
Cairo-Durham Central School District
(518) 622-8543, x59500

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Ryan Collins

Nov 19, 2020, 10:47:13 AM11/19/20
to Google Apps K12 Technical Forum
Along the same line, students on iPhones can scan documents with the built-in Notes app. This will let them correct for skew and all that jazz. From there, share to Google Drive.

In the real world, a lot math people use LaTeX, but I don't see that happening in HS. :-)

Jeff Li

Nov 19, 2020, 1:54:55 PM11/19/20
to Google Apps K12 Technical Forum
My teachers love Classkick and for this very reason. For those who don't like having their students work in a virtual whiteboard, I've suggested having them scan their work using Google Drive or Office Lens depending on which device/platform they use. 


Bob Nitko

Nov 19, 2020, 8:22:09 PM11/19/20
to Jeff Li, Google Apps K12 Technical Forum

Cool tools brother! While it may not completely fit the bill these are some good suggestions.

Mucho Gracias.

Certified Google Educator

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