Iowa & Stanford total math PERCENTILES almost doubled with MathRace software...

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Sep 8, 2005, 12:24:00 PM9/8/05

During the summers of 2003 & 2004 a new program was tested in Oklahoma.
Once a week we had 3rd & 4th graders spend 2 hours playing MathRace
lots of breaks (Geography, Bird songs, Word games) in between the math.
We had 37 students in 2003 and 31 students in 2004, with about 15
students attending most of the summer. We had three students who
attended all summer for BOTH summers and their Iowa & Stanford
percentiles in total math we nothing short of amazing. Their average
Iowa PERCENTILES increased from 25 in 2002 to... 47 in 2004. This is
their RANKING nationally with all others students. The Stanford
percentiles of these students went from 32 in 2002 to... 54 in 2004,
again almost DOUBLING their relative ranking nationally! We are
currently testing 600 students at three schools with the goals of
testing at least 1000 students or more this year. Call me and I will
send you a free CD that has MathRace (and 10 other programs) so you can
evaluate it for your school. The students love to do the one minute
MathRaces... some teachers and parents have used it as a reward for
good behavior (YES... math as a reward!). Call me for a free CD. I
wrote the program for my kids and it WORKS like magic. We have
installed 27 schools in OK, TX and AR so far and will soon be in every

Mark McCurry, MD phone 918 967-4674 (day) 918 967-3000 (night)

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