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Sep 22, 2005, 10:22:49 AM9/22/05

Hi there,

I'm the author of Learning Mathematics with the Abacus books and
website owner of ( ) where you
can find these wonderful books that teaches you and your kids how to
use the ancient calculator to eventually master the art of mental

The website, as some of you might have known, have already been up for
a few months, and I have been getting great response from poeple from
around the world who have downloaded the free samples as well as
purchased the books and the ebook version of these books.

I'm just letting you guys know that the website is going to be having a
major facelift, with the introduction of new books and some other
interesting features. And because of this, some free downloadable files
will no longer be available soon. So, before the website gets updated
in 2 weeks, feel free to download as many preview pages possible from
the Learning Mathematics with the Abacus books by going to the website

At the same time, look through the packages that we've prepared for

Have a nice day!


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