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Jake Weisz

May 20, 2015, 10:16:05 AM5/20/15
to k-9-...@googlegroups.com
Currently, every Android phone ships with at least two email apps. https://android.googlesource.com/platform/packages/apps/Email/ is an open source email app which has Material Design and a basic coverage of standard settings and features one expects email to have.

So, why K-9? What are the values and features that made millions of users download and install this app? Clearly there are some at current, as that many people don't do something for no reason, but it seems like nobody knows what those reasons are. I am particularly concerned about reckless revisions to the codebase being made by people who do not understand what those core values and features are.

As it's description on Github is "Advanced Email for Android", my assumption is that highly configurable settings, as K-9 Mail has, are a core feature, if not THE core feature, of this app. I would propose that a core value of this app is that it be highly configurable, that many users downloaded K-9 Mail because the default app would not allow them to do things that K-9 Mail will let them do.

I'd like to propose that the community who participates in this mailing list, the Github repository, and the IRC channel should make a point to identify these key aspects of K-9 Mail, so that future development is conducted with those concepts in mind.


-Jacob Weisz
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