Five Amazon stars for JYE Tech's customer service!

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Mar 7, 2012, 7:42:35 PM3/7/12
And major kudos!  Long story:

About a month ago, I ordered a DSO 096 oscilloscope directly
from JYE Tech, since I couldn't find a supplier in the US.  When
I received the shipment from China, it was a virtually empty box!
Instead of containing the oscilloscope I had ordered, all that was
in the box was a very small surface mount potentiometer whose
value couldn't be more than a few cents.  I'd never ordered from
JYE Tech before, and I thought for sure that I'd been ripped off,
and without any practical recourse.

Anyway, I sent them an email, saying that I'd received an
almost empty box and a photo of the small surface mount
potentiometer that was in it.

I received a reply almost immediately, and it was profusely
apologetic, and it said that the label that was intended for my
shipment had been mistakenly been switched with that of
another shipment, and that the oscilloscope I'd ordered had
been sent to someone else!  JYE Tech said they would re-send
my order immediately -- totally at their expense.  And they gave
me no hassle about it whatsoever.

I have now received the 096 oscilloscope, which is a recent
upgrade to the 062, and it works perfectly.

Major kudos!  And I would not hesitate to order from JYE Tech


Mar 8, 2012, 3:51:58 AM3/8/12
thanks for sharing Your interesting experience.

Hope You enjoy the unit and further support , as there will most
probably be upgrades or bug fixes for the products, if nothing else ;-).
At least in the past there where for the older units.

Best regards,
Stevan C.

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