I purchased a DSO 095 from Bangoodand got Banged good

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Bud Ripkin

Jan 11, 2016, 5:00:43 PM1/11/16
to JYE Tech Oscilloscopes
It's my fault for trying to save a few bucks by not getting an assembled unit on EBay ... almost every thing went well with assembly ,( a few problems with ceramic cap values from bad Id) until the power test took place ...I had the 5v but the red led did not blink .... did the checks on the caps and pin 20 (U4) but was unsure what voltage I should have ,,,, got totally confused when it mentioned Bob boards as optional.  This forced me to read ahead a few paragraphs but there was no mention of the Bootloader until after the check that said the bootloader needed to be installed for the red LED to blink.  So I attempted to install the software (Bootloader) but was unsure what the jumper settings should be ,  Ileft them open ... tried again to do LED blink but noticed the unmistakable smell of "Crispy Critters" .   Killed power and did a visual but nothing was obvious ... re-powered and found that the 5v had dropped to 2V.   
Also found the kit to be missing 20 pin strip

Time for a beer and a Zoloft

Tom Harmon
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