FG085 upgraded to arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) and more...

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Jye Tek

Mar 27, 2013, 10:02:20 AM3/27/13
to Jye Tek
JYE Tech Product Update

Firmware upgrade for FG085

The new firmwares for FG085 (113-08501-130 for U5 and 113-08502-050 for U6) have brought some useful enhancements to this already highly-valued gadget.
1 ) Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG)  Now users can make FG085 generate any signal they want by defining the waveform and download it to FG085 with jyeLab. Waveform format is explained and template file has been provided.
2 ) Trigger  The trigger function allows FG085's output be synchronized with external signal or simply a switch. In CW mode the output  initial phase at each trigger is constant  [photo]. While in sweep mode a single trigger can produce a complete sweep. This means users can control the number of sweeps by applying short trigger pulses. To actuate the trigger press [ADJ] dial. Press the same dial to turn it off.
3 ) Duty-cycle Changeable Duty-cycle is now changeable for square signal. The adjustment range is 1 - 100% with 1% resolution. Use the [.] (decimal point) button to access duty cycle.
4 ) Frequency Sweeping Improved With the new firmware FG085 can do not only low-to-high sweep but also high-to-low sweep. Just set the start frequency greater than stop frequency. More than that it can do bi-directional sweeping, i.e. from start frequency to stop frequency and then backward. [photo] Use [+/-] button to turn the bi-directional sweep on/off.

For further technical details please refer to the FG085 manual.

Quick links:

New version of jyeLab (v0.61)

New version of jyeLab implemented the following new features:
1 ) Waveform save/recall to/from file.
2 ) Horizontal and vertical cursors. Horizontal cursor readout includes frequency. Vertical cursors are channel associated.
3 ) Supports user waveform download for FG085.
4 ) Supports upload of pre-saved captures from DSO 094.
5 ) Baudrate changeable and can work up to 115200 bps for DSO 094 (previously 38400 bps).

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