How to upgrade bootloader n keypad firmware

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SM Ling

Apr 5, 2011, 3:14:26 AM4/5/11
to JYE Tech Oscilloscopes
I have a beta 082, got a JYETECH AVR USB programmer, and got some
time recently.

SO I have bricked my 082. How do I go about upgrading the bootloader
and keypad firmware, I guess the main firmware is less of a problem if
I can't do it together as I could do it with avrdude later.

When I run the extreme burner, I assume I should load them into flash,
how can I load both in without overwritting each other?

Ling SM

Stevan Cerovec

Apr 6, 2011, 2:35:17 PM4/6/11
to SM Ling, JYE Tech Oscilloscopes
If the scope is bricked, it was probably the wrong header, m48 and m64
have look alike headers? If not, you probably just uploaded the
bootloader instead of the, smaller, firmware file?
If i'm way off, only Zemin can help?
Best regards,
Stevan C.

2011/4/5, SM Ling <>:

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Apr 6, 2011, 7:42:10 PM4/6/11
to JYE Tech Oscilloscopes
Sorry, I replied this to SM Ling only.

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From: JYE Tek <>
Date: 2011/4/6
Subject: Re: [jye-tech-oscilloscopes:710] How to upgrade bootloader n keypad firmware
To: SM Ling <>

Hi Ling,
Please use J1 to  program M48, the keypad controller.
Bootloader should be flashed to M64 via J3. Flash bootloader first. Then use bootloader to flash main firmware. You can also just flash the main firmware alone. It looks extreme burner does not support flash two HEX file the same time.

2011/4/5 SM Ling <>

SM Ling

Apr 6, 2011, 11:13:16 PM4/6/11
to JYE Tech Oscilloscopes
Thanks Zemin and Steven, problem solved. Took a while and some tries.

1. For the keypad update: setup was J5 on AVR USB, PWR TAR jumper
removed. J1 on DS082. Power up DS082, and run extreme burner, choose
chip ATmega48 to burn. I got AVR chip IC mis-matched message, but
ignored it.

2. For the bootloader update: setup is still J5 on AVR USB, with PAR
TAR jumper on. J1 on DS082. Power up DS082. Then connect USB to my
XP machine. Run extreme burner, choose ATmega64. eXtreme burner is
quite flaky, once it lost the burner, I had to play a bit, restart and
get it recognising the driver again. It was also quite easy for
eXtreme to loose the driver. Any better one out there? with ASCII

Ling SM


Apr 8, 2011, 11:30:44 AM4/8/11
to SM Ling, JYE Tech Oscilloscopes
I recommend the tool from ELM ( It has command line version only but is very stable and fast. I use it a lot.
The other one we also use is ProgISB ( It is stable although a bit slow. But it looks only have Chinese version.

2011/4/7 SM Ling <>
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