New Jyetech DSO 062 runnning slowly - but only sometimes

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Apr 18, 2012, 4:11:07 PM4/18/12
to JYE Tech Oscilloscopes

I'd appreciate help on this problem.

PROBLEM: As in the title, the scope is slow, but not always. Sometimes
it responds to button presses straight away, other times it responds
to them about 3 seconds after.

One little twist to the problem though is that if I change one of the
slider switches, then press ok, it almost always reacts to that
change. But if I try say change the v. pos or h. pos, it's usually

Another caveat is that for the unresponsive buttons, I can usually get
them to respond quickish by tapping them hard and in quick succession.

PRODUCT: I have the 06204KP kit, where you solder the surface mounts
yourself. On the start screen I see the Bootloader 113-06202-026
followed by firmware ver 06208.101. Using a 12V power supply

MY ATTEMPTS: I think it may be down to the buttons not being soldered
properly, so I'm going to try make those joints a little better.

I'm tidying up my soldering since its a little dirty (teeny bits of
solder splashed on the PCB from different stages of assembly), BUT I
don't think that should have much bearing on the response time of the
scope since it's not the computing part of the device.

I'll report back here if my attempts are fruitful and I'll be checking
back here in case anyone has any more ideas



Apr 18, 2012, 7:32:08 PM4/18/12
to Insertname, JYE Tech Oscilloscopes
Hi Insertname,
Which trigger mode did you use when you saw button response slow? If it is NOR or SIG mode button response tends to be slow.

2012/4/19 Insertname <>

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Apr 19, 2012, 3:18:11 AM4/19/12
to JYE Tech Oscilloscopes
Mind you there is a bit of latency on the response of the 062,
specially after the switches being changed. theres some functions that
will only change after you have pressed a button (from the slide
switches i mean). Si its fair to say it aint the fastest of the DSO
And did u mean the through Holes Non SMT parts soldered by yourself,
am i right ?!? cause the SMT come pre soldered.


Apr 20, 2012, 1:58:13 PM4/20/12
to JYE Tech Oscilloscopes
Thanks to both of you. The scope responds with an ok speed in auto
mode, so that's where I was going wrong.

As for my kit, it is the one where you solder the through holes, yes
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