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Charles Oliver Nutter

Jan 21, 2015, 12:25:17 PM1/21/15
to JVM Languages
I think many folks on this list would be interested too.

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Subject: JFokus 2015 - the VM Tech Day
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Greetings community members!

Here is something that I'm sure you'll find interesting.

I want to advertise the upcoming "VM tech day” event, scheduled to
take place February 2, 2015 at the JFokus conference in
Stockholm. Sorry I am on a bit of a short notice here, but finalizing
the speaker list took us a bit more time than expected.

The VM tech day is a mini-track that runs the first day of the JFokus
conference. This is its schedule:

After some rather challenging months of jigsaw puzzles, it is with
great pleasure that I can announce that our speaker line up is now
complete - and it is great indeed! We are talking 100% gurus,
prophets, ninjas, rock stars, and all other similar terms that
normally gets your resume binned if it passes my desk. But in this
case the labels are true. We have strictly top names from both the
commercial world and from academia ready to take you on a great

So what is the VM tech day? For those of you familiar with the JVM
Language Summit (JVMLS) that usually takes place in Santa Clara in
the summers, the format is similar. It’s the usual deal: anyone
morbidly interested in runtime internals, code generation, polyglot
programming and the complexities of language implementation, should
find a veritable gold mine of stimulating conversation and knowledge
transfer here. What is different from a typical JVMLS (except for the
shorter duration), is that we have widened the scope a bit to include
several runtimes, language implementation issues and polyglot

There will be six scheduled sessions and plenty of time for breakouts
and discussions. We will also heavily encourage audience interaction
and participation.

The JFokus VM tech day is opened by John Rose. I am sure John needs
no introduction to the subscribers of this list. With advanced OpenJDK
projects like Valhalla and Panama booting up, John will discuss what
the JVM has in store for the future.

Other speakers include the tireless Charlie Nutter from Red Hat, the
formidable Remi Forax, the brilliant Vyacheslav Egorov of Google v8
fame, the esteemed Dan Heidinga from IBM and the good looking Attila
Szegedi from Oracle.

We also have plenty of non-speaking celebrity participants in the
audience, for example Fredrik Öhrström: invokedynamic specification
wizard extraordinaire and architect behind the new OpenJDK build
system. Stop by and get autographs ;)

Thusly: if you are attending JFokus, or if you are making up your mind
about attending it right now, the VM tech summit is definitely
something anyone subscribing to mlvm-dev wouldn't want to miss. The
cross-platform/cross-technology/cross-company focus that we have tried
very hard to create will without a doubt be ultra stimulating. Of that
you can be sure.

Please help us spread the word in whatever forums you deem
appropriate! Talk to you friends! Tweet links to this post! Yell from
your cubicle soap boxes across the neverending seas of fluorescent

Any further questions you may have about the event, not answered by
the web pages, can be directed either to me (@lagergren) or Mattias
Karlsson (@matkar) or as replies to this e-mail thread.

On behalf of JFokus / VM Tech Day 2015
Marcus Lagergren
Master of ceremonies (or something)

Alexander Bertram

Jan 26, 2015, 3:38:38 AM1/26/15
to jvm-la...@googlegroups.com
Thanks. I just registered and look forward to hearing your talk on Monday!

We have a few projects starting that will give us more time to work on Renjin this year so I'm excited to hear these talks!

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