0.7.0-beta26 release

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Julien Viet

Oct 29, 2013, 6:19:31 AM10/29/13
to ju...@googlegroups.com

0.7.0-beta26 has just been released focusing on rewriting how Juzu is consumed by applications with maven builds, which means it has an impact on you :-)

Here is what changed in a nutshell:

1/ the boms are gone : not totally actually
- bom-core is removed in favor of using maven war packaging + the real dependencies . The benefit is that it it more compliant to the “maven way”, easier to explain in the doc, etc…
- bom-arquillian and bom-arquillian-tomcat7 have been renamed to depchain-arquillian and depchain-arquillian-tomcat7

2/ archetype has been redone to work without bom

3/ documentation for portal is removed for now (but it will be back soon of course)

4/ ee container has better support, so now we do support
- servlet
- ee
- in next releases : gatein

5/ provided CDI integration has been improved, it is a new integration of CDI different than weld. The main difference is that CDI is managed outside of Juzu by the EE server or Tomcat (with the Weld integration): the big benefit is to reuse the application server resources in the Juzu application. This was already here for a moment but not really documented and tested.

As consequence, there is a new IOC available named “cdi” for juzu.inject

6/ IOC is now autodetected at boot time when no juzu.inject is provided, detection is done using available classes and an order between the IOCs.

7/ Asset servlet is now automatically deployed, you don’t have to specify it anymore in web.xml. It means that if you use the @Servlet annotation of the servlet plugin, you don’t need a web.xml file anymore (unless you use CDI + Tomcat which requires special conf).

8/ Maven doc has been updated with

- more content about dependencies : http://juzuweb.org/reference/index.html#_juzu_dependencies
- how dependencies should be used : http://juzuweb.org/reference/index.html#_packaging_a_juzu_application
- examples of setup: http://juzuweb.org/reference/index.html#_maven_build
- all supported setups : http://juzuweb.org/reference/index.html#_maven_configurations

I believe now the maven support is mature. Let me know if you have any question / concerns.

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