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Julien Viet

Nov 4, 2013, 10:45:16 AM11/4/13
to ju...@googlegroups.com

finally we are reaching the end of 0.7.0 development with this CR1 :-)

1/ the most noticeable change since latest beta is the documentation which has been improved again, focusing on the "build deploy and run” chapter:
- proper support and examples for Maven, Eclipse, Intellij and Gradle
- new I18N chapter
- precompile templates with Maven groovy plugin

2/ system property interpolation in juzu.run_mode property


use my_run_mode or ‘prod’

3/ live mode usability improvement : juzu.src_path is not required anymore! when classes are compiled the actual source path is embedded in the json configuration.

4/ last but not least : an alternative Less plugin implementation based on less4j has been added based on https://github.com/SomMeri/less4j plugin. This plugin is written in Java which means it can have a different behavior than the javascript based implementation. However it can be faster specially for large less files. For Twitter Bootstrap it takes 2 seconds to compile on my machine and after a few iteration it get down to 200ms which makes it an acceptable choice for Live mode.

we intend to get 0.7.0 out by the end of this week and work on fixes and doc updates.

feedback is welcome


Arnaud Héritier

Nov 4, 2013, 2:34:58 PM11/4/13
to ju...@googlegroups.com, ju...@googlegroups.com
Congratulations !! Nice landing for this 0.7.0. It's working fine for me (but I have also many ideas to improve it ;) )


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Julien Viet

Nov 5, 2013, 5:06:26 AM11/5/13
to ju...@googlegroups.com
thanks, Juzu has done much progress thanks to your feedback over the past few weeks.
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