No Data Source Options Installed By Default?

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Sep 3, 2014, 5:17:54 AM9/3/14
Hi all,

After I installed and opened JUST PLAYER I noticed that it had no Data Source options available aside from SD Card. When I tried to use the "Get More Data Sources" button it brought me to a section of the Play Store and listed three apps, none of which had to do with JUST PLAYER.

I ended up having to download the .apk of the Ampache plugin from your blog to get it to work. Is this normal? I would think it would have been mentioned in one of the numerous reviews you have on the Play Store. 

I love the app by the way, and its working great. I just don't understand why there isn't an easy way to get it set up, you shouldn't have to hunt down an .apk just to get the basic functionality out of an app! 


Sep 3, 2014, 5:37:51 AM9/3/14
Hi Mr zcleaves

Plug-ins JUST PLAYER is private now. 
Reason is not working correctly for implementation of the library being used are old. 

I also consider it to be updated to the latest, but I am gave up :(
Because the modified code is too many.

But, we continue development. 

It works because it corresponds to the latest API in beta version. 
(Dropbox, Ampache, Box, GooglDrive(new feature), OneDrive(comming soon))

You need a little time and effort, but I want to participate in the beta program.

I will be saved and there is feedback.

below is how to join The Beta program.


2 Access to beta client

I am waiting for the participation


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