safari and cname issues

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Aug 29, 2009, 6:04:02 PM8/29/09
to JustHumans
have multiple sites with probably 100's of contact forms. i like your
form and i have been using it a lot...but i still have fits getting it
to work on mac side (safari). i have sites hosted at many different
isp's but most are at godaddy...hostmonster and hostway/valueweb
(terrible). i have setup and used your forms on most of my sites...and
i am very familiar with cnames (setting up and using). i have for the
first time tried to setup this for a subdomain on godaddy. it works on
the primary domain but cannot get it to work on the sub...any
suggestions? also...i notice some isp / hosts have said they require
an Arecord be setup in conjunction with the cname....pointing towards an ip. but....i imagine you probably
change your ip from time to time yea? thanks - troy

Anders Brownworth

Aug 29, 2009, 8:43:56 PM8/29/09
Technically, a subdomain should work fine. Do you have an example we can look at?

Yes, the IP has changed and will change in the future. I do my own DNS so I'm not familiar with whatever draconian requirements the DNS hosting services pose, but if the CNAME is somehow required to point to a valid A record _within your domain_, then that would be... unfortunate. Is that the way your hosted DNS provider works?

Anders Brownworth
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