DNS / Safari Issue

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Mad Jax

Oct 29, 2008, 10:39:18 AM10/29/08
to JustHumans
Any word on being able to set a custom DNS for the cookies?

This is an amazing little tool, but this issue is keeping me from
using it : (

People are still using Safari and it's the browser of choice for
iPhone users.

Setting up a CNAME is not too tricky for most users... couldn't it map
to verify.justhumans.com, and then if you change server IPs it'll
still work? Those who can't update their DNS records will still be
able to use the service at it's current level of functionality.


Anders Brownworth

Oct 30, 2008, 1:41:36 PM10/30/08
to justh...@googlegroups.com
Yeah, this is the top item on the list. The idea is to map some name within your domain to verify.justhumans.com but the issue that I have to figure out is how to make the JustHumans webserver (apache) answer correctly for any name that resolves to it. This is somewhat tricky because currently verify.justhumans.com and www.justhumans.com are running on the same IP. So I have to make the default host be verify.justhumans.com and map any name that apache doesn't have pre-configured to verify.justhumans.com. This takes a little testing in the development setup and is only a theory at this point.

Admitedly, I have been dragging my feet on this. As a free service, JustHumans battles poorly against some other competing priorities. (not the least of which, my job!) I'll see if I can make some headway this weekend but this has more of an open-ended "research" element to it. I'll post when I have something solid though.

Who else is interested in this? The more people that care, the more motivated I become.

Thanks for the nudge on this.

Anders Brownworth
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