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Esko Luontola

Dec 15, 2012, 8:52:11 AM12/15/12
This mailing list has now been renamed to make its name more
self-explanatory. Hopefully this will be the last rename, because
renaming will be harder after Jumi is better known. To write messages to
this mailing list, you can visit or send mail to

The current status of this project:

Since the first release of the Jumi test runner, I've migrated the
Specsy testing framework ( to run on Jumi, to get
feedback on using Jumi.

During this winter holiday I will probably have time to implement
running multiple test classes, automatic test class discovery based on
file name patterns, and possibly JUnit backward compatibility. After
those features are in place, Jumi should have the minimum functionality
to be useful for early adopters.

Esko Luontola
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