Jumi 0.4.313 released

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Esko Luontola

Feb 9, 2013, 3:18:30 PM2/9/13
to jumi-tes...@googlegroups.com
This release makes it possible to run your existing JUnit tests using
the Jumi test runner. All testing frameworks that run on JUnit should
also run on Jumi, though incompatibilities are possible for testing
frameworks that use JUnit's APIs incorrectly, because Jumi is stricter
than JUnit about incorrect API usage.

JUnit tests benefit from test class level parallelism through Jumi's
JUnit compatibility layer. For test method level parallelism, JUnit and
other testing frameworks will need to implement their own Jumi driver.
Visit our wiki for tips on making your test suites capable of being run
in parallel (e.g. avoiding various forms of global mutable state).

- JUnit backward compatibility: Jumi now runs JUnit 3, JUnit 4 and
@RunWith annotated test classes. Requires you to have JUnit on your test
- Can configure the number of threads to use for running tests. Defaults
to the number of CPU cores
- Reports internal errors to the user
- Sets the context class loader for test threads (Issue #2), as required
by many frameworks
- Fixed a deadlock when calling Throwable.printStackTrace() and printing
to System.err concurrently (Issue #3)
- Prevents Throwable.printStackTrace() from being interleaved with
printing to System.out from parallel threads of the same test run (this
is in addition to the stdout/stderr isolation of parallel test runs that
we've had since ever). Note that we can handle only the common case;
Throwable.printStackTrace(System.out) can still interleave with printing
to System.err as usual
- Fixed a crash if a test prints something (from a background thread)
after it's finished (Issue #1). The current text UI hides the late
printed output, but in the future we'll create a GUI that will show all
of the output
- Will not try to run abstract test classes (Issue #4)
- Will not try to run classes that are not identified as a test class,
even though the class name matches the test file pattern. This the same
as how the Maven Surefire Plugin and most IDEs work

Esko Luontola

Aaron VonderHaar

Feb 9, 2013, 4:38:29 PM2/9/13
to jumi-tes...@googlegroups.com
It's exciting to see Jumi's progress!  I am looking forward to trying it out.

Esko Luontola


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--Aaron V.
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Esko Luontola

Feb 9, 2013, 7:17:10 PM2/9/13
to jumi-tes...@googlegroups.com
Aaron VonderHaar wrote on 9.2.2013 23:38:
> It's exciting to see Jumi's progress! I am looking forward to trying it
> out.

I'm even more excited due to some benchmarks I just did, where I was
estimated how much faster Jumi will become, after I have implemented a
persistent daemon process and class loader caching in Jumi. I'll write
an article about it soon, but here is some foretaste: before 4 seconds
vs. after 1.5 seconds. :)

Esko Luontola
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