Jumi 0.1.196 released

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Esko Luontola

Sep 20, 2012, 4:35:54 AM9/20/12
to jumi-...@googlegroups.com
Announcing the First Release of the Jumi Test Runner for the JVM

First release of the Jumi test runner. This release is targeted at the
developers of testing frameworks and other tools, for them to start
implementing support for Jumi. This release includes the following features:

- Launches a new JVM process for running the tests
- Runs tests in parallel
- Expressive test notification model
- Nested tests
- More than one failure per test
- New tests can be discovered as test execution progresses; no need
to know all tests up-front
- Reports what tests print to `System.out` and `System.err` more
accurately than all other test runners
- Text user interface for showing the results, including exact events of
when nested tests start and finish
- An example SimpleUnit testing framework to show how to write a testing
framework driver for Jumi

Some features critical for regular users are still missing and will be
implemented in following releases. Some of the most obvious limitations are:

- No IDE and build tool integration yet; launching a suite requires
configuring the suite's classpath manually, in a main method
- Runs only one test class per suite; cannot yet discover test classes
- No JUnit test runner backward compatibility yet
- The text user interface shows all test runs; you cannot hide passing tests
- The number of worker threads is hard-coded to 4
- The working directory is hard-coded to be the same as what the
launching process has
- Creates a `.jumi` directory in the working directory; eventually it
will probably be placed in the user's home directory (it will contain
settings and temporary files)
- The exception classes of all test failures must be also in the
classpath of the launching process and must be serializable
- Does not report uncaught exceptions outside tests. To debug some
categories of testing framework bugs, you must explicitly configure the
launcher to print the daemon's raw standard output

Additionally this release includes the following changes to the Jumi
Actors library:

- Improved logging of events with string parameters; special characters
are now escaped
- Made configurable the language level for the Java compiler used by the
Jumi Actors Maven plugin. Enables the use of event interfaces which
depend on Java 7+ language features

Esko Luontola
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