Jumi 0.3.257 released

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Esko Luontola

Jan 6, 2013, 6:29:58 PM1/6/13
to jumi-tes...@googlegroups.com
This release makes it possible to use Java 7's glob patterns to
configure that which test classes should be run. The default pattern
finds all top-level classes whose name ends with "Test". For now only
`.class` test files are supported, but in the future Jumi may also
recognize tests in arbitrary files.

After upgrading to this release, it is recommended to find and remove
all `.jumi` directories on your hard drive (typically in a project's
working copy). From this release onwards only one such directory will be
created in `~/.jumi`

- Automatic discovery of test classes based on file name patterns
- Jumi writes its temporary files now to `~/.jumi` instead of under the
current working directory
- Doesn't anymore require all thrown exception classes to be in the
launcher's classpath
- The working directory is now configurable

P.S. This build missed the magic number 256 by one. D'oh! Must aim
better when 512 or 1024 comes around... ;)

Esko Luontola
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