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Jan 28, 2014, 3:11:25 PM1/28/14
Some of you may have noticed that I recently released an ArrayViews package:

Here are the main features (copied from the readme):
  • An efficient view function that implements array views
  • Support of arrays of arbitrary dimension and arbitrary combinations of indexers
  • Support view composition (i.e. construct views over views)
  • Special attention to ensure type stability in most cases
  • Efficient indexing (both cartesian and linear)
  • Light weight view construction
  • A systematic approach to detect contiguous views (statically)
  • Views work with linear algebra functions
I am also making a PR at #5556 to push this to the Julia Base. Given that the PR is large, it may take a while to review. In the mean-time, please checkout the package.

Related to this, I modified NumericExtensions.jl, which is now tagged 0.4.0, and deprecate the ``unsafe_view`` function. I replaced all the use of ``unsafe_view`` in this package with a much safer version ``view`` and sees no obvious performance regression in my benchmarks. This indicates that the array view system should be efficient enough for general use.

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