Verne's Lottery Ticket

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quentin skrabec

May 10, 2024, 2:15:56 PMMay 10
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I continue to dig into Verne’s use of probability. I discussed Verne’s view of the gamblers fallacy  this earlier in my post Vernian obscura et Trivia 1

          Did Verne predict August 18, 1913, at Monte Carlo? (Based Mathias Sandorf, in 1885)


This is an article by a special research group on Verne’s novel- The Lottery Ticket

A group of international researchers  will map and analyse the lottery fantasy in a large array of cultural and medial forms of expression: newspapers, periodicals, almanacs, visual art, literature and theatre. By exploring how the lottery fantasy was transmitted, criticised, parodied and played with in European culture in the eighteenth century, we aim to produce new knowledge of the impact of state-sanctioned lotteries in the emergence of the modern European state, as well as of the role played by art and culture in modern political economy and in the relationship between state and citizen.

          Their first research deals with Jules Verne’s The Lottery Ticket- the article is “Putting one’s faith in Lucky numbers – a literary trope” by Inga Undheim


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