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Jan 28, 2010, 12:09:05 PM1/28/10
to juicekit
Hi all, I was working previously in flare till yesterday, until I came
across juicekit a couple of hours back. I would like some advice on
setting up my compliler/IDE. I use the APACHE ANT to compile my
existing flare project (using the 'ant clean all' command). I use
Flashdevelop to edit my code. I couldn't find a good "Getting Started"
guide for Juicekit. Give me a hand, here, please !

I wanted to see how this: http://github.com/chrisgemignani/recovery-act-treemap
works. Unfortunately, I have no clue about what to do with those
folders AND files (in the above link).

Basically, I want to construct a radial tree (like the one at
flare.prefuse.org/demo) loaded with some labels in its nodes (from an
external XML).

Any help, would be really,really,really,reaallllllyyyy appreciated !

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