Release Announcement: Jubatus 0.9.4

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Kenichi Maehashi

Aug 29, 2016, 6:35:15 AM8/29/16
Hi Jubatus guys,

We are glad to announce that Jubatus 0.9.4 is now available.

In this release we added ``ignore_orthogonal`` option to
inverted_index_euclid algorithm of Recommender. When this option is
enabled, distance between feature vectors that does not have any same
key will not be included in the result. By default this option is
disabled (i.e., behaves the same way as the previous versions).
We also added shell (REPL) feature to query Jubatus server
interactively. To use the shell feature (called ``jubash`` command),
just install jubakit.
Speaking of jubakit, we published documents of jubakit architecture
and API. It's available on the official website

The full changelogs are as follows:


Jubatus (Core)

* Improvements
* recommender: add ``ignore_orthogonal`` option to
inverted_index_euclid (#305, #309)
* Exception error messages are now displayed in clean format (#313)
* Remove Glibc C++ debug flag in debug mode (#306)

* Bug fixes
* classifier: fix deadlock in nearest_neighbor-based classifier (#303)
* Fix out-of-bound index access while MIXing column table (#307, #310)

Jubatus (Server)

* Improvements
* Improve error detection of log4cxx config file (#891, #1142)
* Print DEBUG logs by default (#947, #1143)
* Support printing logs in UTF-8 (#1078, #1140)
* Improve comment in wscript (#1138, #1139)

* Bug fixes
* Fix missing locks in mixer (#1092, #1135)
* Fix RPM packaging tool to work on RHEL 6.x (#1137)

We hope you enjoy this release!

Kenichi Maehashi @ Jubatus Team
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