Release Announcement: Jubatus 1.0.0

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motoki yuhara

Oct 31, 2016, 6:46:06 AM10/31/16
to Jubatus
Hi Jubatus guys, 

We are glad to announce that Jubatus 1.0.0 is now available. 

In this release we have a plenty of new features and improvement.
Note that some changes are incompatible to older Jubatus versions.

- A new feature, Embdded Jubatus Python. This feature makes it possible to use Jubatus Core functions from python codes without launching Jubatus servers.
- An image feature extraction plugin. OpenCV based image feature extraction is now officialy supported.
- A new clustering algorithm, DBSCAN. It can cluster points without specifying a cluster size.
- Official image in Dockerhub.  Jubatus image is now available here and you can easily use Jubatus by `docker pull jubatus/jubatus`.
- Refreshing our Official Website.  You can now enjoy our stylish website.

- jubadump command is now unavailable for Classifier and Regression models. This bug will be fixed in next release.
- For CentOS users who already use jubadump, yum update is now unavailable. Please uninstall jubadump and update jubatus using following commands
  - yum remove jubadump
  - yum update jubatus
  - yum install jubatus

The full changelogs are as follows:
* New Machine Learning Algorithms
  * clustering: add DBSCAN algorithm (#330, #332)
  * regression: add perceptron, PA, PA2, CW, AROW, NHERD, NN, cosine and euclidean (#327, #328)
* Improvements
  * clustering: improve APIs to make each Datum distinguishable by user-specified ID (#317, #326)
  * clustering: improve config format and parameter range checking (#314, #316, #325, #334, #335)
  * graph: add method to return the largest ID (#333)
  * classifier and regression: Rename diff_size to num_features_diff status key (#336)
  * Improve binary feature key names to include the rule name (#329)
  * regression: remove unused argument from driver constructor (#319, #320)
  * Remove unused revert function (#315, #331)
* Bug fixes
  * recommender: fix rows not cleared occasionally in inverted_index and inverted_index_euclid (#318)

* New Features
  * Add image extraction plug-in (#843, #1150)
  * Add configuration validation feature (#973, #1144)
* Improvements
  * clustering: change APIs to accept ID-based datum (#1155)
  * Update Dockerfile to use Ubuntu 14.04 (#1146)
  * Improve --daemon option of server and proxy to detach from console (#1072, #1148)
  * classifier: models are now compatible in standalone and distributed mode (#469, #1153)
  * Change the default log level to INFO instead of DEBUG (#1152)
  * Update example configurations (#1165)
  * Update manpages (#1167)
  * Update packaging tools (#1157)
* Bug fixes
  * graph: fix IDs being reused when loading model file to other server instance in standalone mode (#1149, #1156)

We hope you enjoy this release! 
Yuhara Motoki @ Jubatus Team
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