Release Announcement: Jubatus 1.0.3

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Takeaki Imai

Apr 24, 2017, 6:09:21 AM4/24/17
to Jubatus
Hi, Jubatus guys.

We are happy to announce that Jubatus 1.0.3 is now available.

In this release we have a lot of new feature improvements and bug fixes.

* Added distance weight option to nearest neighbor based regression. 
* Supported Regression algorithms on Jubakit.
* Added model config / version replacement options to jubamodel command. 
* Enabled Classifier and Regression to load model files generated with linear algorithm in Jubatus 1.0.0 or later.
* Enabled to load model files generated with standalone mode into distributed mode.
* Partially fixed the problem that anomaly scores become Infinity .
* Fixed the error that absolute value of cosine similarity score becomes larger than 1.0 when using inverted_index algorithm in Recommender.
* Fixed CSVLoader in Jubakit not working with restkey option in Python 2.x.
* Added validation to save/load APIs.
* Fixed performance regression in standalone mode.

* Model files generated by Jubatus 1.0.0-1.0.2 behaves as if they are saved in distributed mode.
* Ubuntu 12.04 is now officially deprecated. Binary package of Ubuntu 12.04 is continue to be distributed.

The full changelogs are following.


* Improvements
    * regression: add distance-based weighting option (#351, #352)
    * anomaly: improve to avoid causing inf (#348, #358)
    * recommender: improve to avoid causing scores larger than 1.0 in inverted_index (#355, #356)
    * Improve local_storage model serialization format be compatible with local_storage_mixture (#359)

* Changes to Supported Systems
    * Deprecate Ubuntu 12.04 LTS support (#1189)
* Improvements
    * Validate save/load RPC arguments (#1188, #1192)
    * Model files generated in earlier versions of Jubatus can now be loaded (#1179, #1187)
    * Improve packaging process (#1185, #1186)
* Bug fixes
    * classifier/regression: fix performance regression in standalone mode (#1190, #1193)


We hope you enjoy this release!

Takeaki Imai @ Jubatus Team

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