Video calls with Signalwire & JsSIP issue

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Georgy Ivanyuk

Jun 29, 2021, 7:04:35 AMJun 29
to JsSIP
Hello everyone,
I have an issue. What I'm trying to do in general - I want to implement video calls in my application with Signalwire server. I want to communicate between SIP endpoints I've created on Signalwire through a video. I follow the instructions from this article - It seems nice, I have a connection, but there's always some issue. 

Here are the details, we have two sides - caller and recipient: 
1) Caller - Google Chrome, recipient - Google Chrome (Chrome -> Chrome call) 
issue: caller doesn't see the video from recipient; recipient sees things well (same situation for Edge browser) 
2) Mozilla Firefox -> Mozilla Firefox 
issue: two sides see each other but the video signal is freezing from time to time 
3) Safari -> Safari 
issue: caller doesn't see himself and recipient doesn't see himself 
4) Chrome -> Firefox 
issue: video signal is freezing terribly 
5) Firefox -> Chrome 
super strange issue: sides see each other and themselves, but recipient sees not standard video image from caller, he sees odd purple coloured image 

All these cases were reproduced on, so it was the experiment with no participation from the application I'm working with. I put Signalwire SIP URI and all the necessary settings there.

Could you please say if there's anything here you can help with? I also could tell you more technical details of cases mentioned above but I'm not sure it's necessary to do with the first message, too much info. Maybe you can help here, thank you 

Best regards, 

José Luis Millán

Jul 1, 2021, 3:14:11 AMJul 1
SIP sessions are established correctly as per your comments, which is JsSIP's duty. You are having media issues.

I suggest you check the exchanged SDPs, and look at  'chrome://webrtc-internals' for SDP negotiation and media debugging. You may need to read signalwire documentation and report these issues to them.

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José Luis Millán
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