I can't run the jssip demo

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Nov 24, 2021, 8:46:05 AM (12 days ago) Nov 24
to JsSIP

Hi. I’ve got a problem with a JSSip demo (https://tryit.jssip.net/).

After I visit that page, I make some settings:

  • SIP URI: vadim-mo...@sip2sip.info

  • SIP Password: <my password>

  • WebSocket URI: wss://tryit.jssip.net:10443 (by default)

  • Via transport: WSS (I tried ‘auto’ as well)

  • Registar Server: <blank>

  • Contact URI: <blank>

  • Authorization user: vadim-moshev-mmvs

  • Instance ID: <blank>

  • Session timers: turned on

  • Preload route: turned off

  • callstats.io settings: disabled

Then I save settings, enter my name and try to start the demo. But I can operate with it. All the controls are inactive (disabled). The console says there are some errors:

  1. tryit-jssip.js:8 WebSocket connection to 'wss://tryit.jssip.net:10443/' failed: 

  2. GET https://tryit.jssip.net/favicon.ico 404 (Not Found)

and the third error

react_devtools_backend.js:2540 antiglobal() | globals do not match:

+ P

+ callstatsjssip

+ jssip

+ UA

- ___browserSync___oldSocketIo


- io

- ___browserSync___

- MediaStream

- RTCPeerConnection

- jssipCallstats


If I’m not mistaken, I need sip-client on my computer, so I installed and adjusted Jami, but the demo doesn’t work anyway.

Could you help me please? Thanks in advance.

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