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Jul 29, 2012, 2:25:34 PM7/29/12
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I'm using JS.Class for a about a year, as it is very convenient for me. So, first of all, BIG THANKS to the author! 
But now I have some questions about performance. I've added JS.Class in the competition of My.js ans jsFace: http://jsperf.com/moo-resig-ender-my/23
And I was upset by the results. Is there my fault in JS.Class usage, or this is real price for the convinience?

Thank you.


James Coglan

Aug 2, 2012, 6:46:38 PM8/2/12
to jsclas...@googlegroups.com
It does have a higher performance cost than some other frameworks, but then again it has a more sophisticated (and complex) set of functionality -- it simply has to do more work.

Personally I've never found this to be a practical problem; it's not usually the bottleneck in anything I've written for it. You should measure how it performs for your app, and if it's a problem, can you use a simpler class library?
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