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Toby Lang

Mar 11, 2022, 12:39:10 PM3/11/22
to jqplot-users
Hi. I'm using this library for the first time and wanted to offer some feedback. The examples are really tough to work with.

For one the examples often showcase 3 or 4 different features rather than the one that the page is dedicated to which makes it tough to decipher what code is relevant to the feature you are trying to capture.

The libraries referenced also sometimes include multiple references to the same file, have minor syntax issues, refer to files that aren't part of the package and often refer to files that aren't necessary for the example.

Finally the code is somewhat fragmented. With some bits here and some there making it tough to put together a working example.

This example is way easier to follow:
compared to this page:

Just some feedback for anyone listening, but way better to simplify the examples to show just the feature that is being identified and include complete working examples including code references for each example that can be copied out and worked on.
The setup of the page is also challenging as there are a number of minor syntax errors and the libraries referenced sometimes have the wrong capitalization or sometimes reference the same library multiple times.

Larry Martell

Mar 11, 2022, 1:00:11 PM3/11/22
to jqplot-users
This package is pretty much dead. I don't know what happened to the
developer (Chris Leonello) or the maintainer (Paul Pritchard). The
repo has not been updated since 2018. I used this extensively at a job
and we tried to contact both of them to offer paid maintenance and
upgrades. We ended up switching to plotly.
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